Sunday, November 2, 2008

Myths and Legends - Superman goes to the Gym

As part of our English work, we are looking at Myths and Legends. We had to choose one to develop and then produce an animation to go with it. We wrote our script for the animation and planned what was going to happen. We then had to read out our narration. The animation was produced on a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker.

Here is our Myths and Legends Script :-

Superman goes to the gym

After Superman’s retirement he became morbidly obese. He went to a secret doctor and found out that if he didn’t get in shape his powers would become inactive as he had only been using them for selfish purposes. As superman was getting in shape he found that he would face an epic battle in the near future. Along with getting in shape superman found a sidekick named that fat guy, that everybody knows but doesn’t really know his name so they just call him that fat guy.
His arch nemesis arose from his secret lair (but everybody knows where it is but they don’t tell him that they know, so he doesn’t get upset.) his name was Evil monkey guy (yes I know I said guy a lot but I like the word and it’s my story, so shut up) Superman fought hard but ultimately was defeated by evil monkey guy’s ultimate atomic machine gun. Superman lay dead on the steps dead (and to all you superman fans “boo hoo”) he fell into Hades like a comet, whoosh bang. Where he met chucky, ruler of the underworld. “What happened to Hades?” asked Superman. He was weak so I blasted him like dynamite to a building BANG!”. “Wow kinda psycho don’t you think”. “Callen me psycho cause I’ll cap ya fool”. “No, did you think I said psycho I said micro as in small”. “So your callen me small now”. “I said ummm…nice shirt?” “Anyway I have some tasks for you to complete”. If you choose to accept you might be able to leave. Ok what’s the task? You must wash my car!
“Ok but will you let me out after that.” Yes!
“There finished now let me out”
Ok get out there’s some stairs over there.
“Finally I’m let out of this place, now I have to defeat evil monkey guy.”

And the battle waged on and superman reigned victorious and became ripped again.

Here is our animation :-

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pesteam2 said...

What a great piece of writing you guys have done. I really the creativity you put into your animations. The drawing you had in your movie clip, did you draw them yourselves? Keep up the great work and you should be proud of what you have done!