Saturday, November 1, 2008

Myths and Legends - Sina and the Eel

As part of our English work, we are looking at Myths and Legends. We had to choose one to develop and then produce an animation to go with it. We wrote our script for the animation and planned what was going to happen. We then had to read out our narration. The animation was produced on a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker.

Here is our Myths and Legends Script :-

Sina and the Eel.

One day leana's mother went to the creek to get sea water to cook their food.
When leana's mother looked in her basket, she saw a little eel.
So she thought, my little Letia would love this as a pet.

So Letia went home and gave Leana the pet eel.
As days went past, Leana's eel grew bigger and bigger, so she and her father dug a pond for the eel

The next day, Leana went to visit her eel. "Aaaagh, it bit me!"
Letia ran home into her father. "Why are you crying Leana?" Leana said to her dad, "The eel bit me!"
Her dad got so angry he did not know what to do.

"I know, we will run away from here, far away!" Leana ran and ran, but the eel was still chasing her through the villages.
Then a warrior saw Leana and he saw her crying.
Then he asked her, "Leana, what's wrong?" So Leana told the warrior what was happening and the warrior helped her.

They killed the eel and, as requested by the eel, Leana planted the head near a brick wall.
When Leana went back later to where she buried the eel's head, she saw a coconut tree had grown.
And the coconut looked just like the head of the eel.

Here is our animation :-


St. Pius X - Room 6 said...

This is a really good animation....I especially like the picture of Steve Price as you 'Warrior'.
You guys are doing some really neat work! Keep it up!

Miss G

spxroom6 said...


How great to see that you animated your story of Sina and the Eel, I really enjoyed watching the movie, I also liked the way you used expression while talking.

From Gloria.

paris from pt england school said...

That was a awsome movie and you's had great language technique and a amazing animation.

Manaiakalani said...

Well done! It was great to have this work to show to the schools at the film festival. We really appreciate the way you participated on the day of the festival being role models to the younger students. All the best with your end of year work in English and hope we have you participate again next year.
Mrs Burt

pesroom10 said...

Hi girls,
Your version of Sina and the Eel was a great idea. I liked the funny pictures you used especially Mr Bean at the end. Keep up the great work!! You should be proud of what you have done

Love Miss Lavakula

Bobbi-Grace room 14 said...

Hey Tamaki college.what a good story.I really like how you put your creativity in it.Well bye for now.

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Well done Tamaki girls

I liked the way you incorporated eye-catching images to illustrate your movie. I also liked the modern spin on a traditional story.
Cool movie.

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.