Sunday, November 2, 2008

Myths and Legends - Pandora's Box

As part of our English work, we are looking at Myths and Legends. We had to choose one to develop and then produce an animation to go with it. We wrote our script for the animation and planned what was going to happen. We then had to read out our narration. The animation was produced on a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker.

Here is our Myths and Legends Script :-

Pandora and the Whispering Box.

Leen: This is the story about Pandora and the whispering box. I hope you enjoy it.

Sophia: The sun is rising in the beautiful world where everyone was happy.

Let’s begin

Sophia: Long, long ago there was a new world and a new life in this world. There was happiness in this world there was no plain or no sorrow.

Leen: There was people worshiping in this world and there was joy in this happy little.

Sophia: There was a couple who was happy and love each like a flower how they love each other they would never let each other go do you know how touching it is.

Leen: There name was Pandora and Epimethues. They were happy and they love each other very well.

Sophia: On that lovely morning they had a guess but it was the messenger to give them a box that said doesn’t open it.

Leen: When Epimethues went for a walk. She was doing some work around house.

Sophia: When Pandora was doing her stuff she heard a whispering from the box. She thought it was the box.

Leen: When she heard the whispering again she notices that it was the box.

Sophia: When she went and opens the box. When she opens it the dragonfly came up and bit her and then it bit her husband Epimethues.

Leen: Pandora husband said “why did you open the box for” , in an angry way.

Here is our animation :-

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