Sunday, November 2, 2008

Myths and Legends - Paris and the Guitar

As part of our English work, we are looking at Myths and Legends. We had to choose one to develop and then produce an animation to go with it. We wrote our script for the animation and planned what was going to happen. We then had to read out our narration. The animation was produced on a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker.

Here is our Myths and Legends Script :-

Paris and the Guitar.

In a faraway land by the name of Holly wood, there lived a young beautiful princess named Paris. She was so loyal to the gods of the red carpet that they gave her a gift in return. She received a golden guitar, not just any ordinary guitar, a guitar that’ll make you a rock legend.

Paris knew that she wasn’t ready for that kind of fame. So she did what any ordinary person would do. She went around and asked every single god and goddess what they would give in return for the guitar. Many of them said power, beauty and everlasting life, but she wanted something more, something that she could only have.

One day Paris was strolling through Hollywood in search of the right dress for her party. She walked into a private Gucci outlet (only for famous people). While she was in there she bumped into the sons of the three goddesses Athena, Aphrodite and Hera. Joseph son of Athena, Nicholas son of Aphrodite and Henry son of Hera. They were all blessed with good looks and great voices. All the women wanted to be with them and all the men wanted to be them.

They were all fighting about whose skinny jeans looked better. They saw Paris and told her to tell them who looked better. She replied by saying what will I get in return. They said everlasting love, she knew that she couldn’t resist so she said that Joseph looked better. She couldn’t wait to get her love in return. The boys grabbed their blackberries and started their magic. They texted, im’d and even called to look for Paris’ true love. Just In two minutes Henry found him, Phillip was his name. Fresh out of Harvard and most eligible bachelor in California.

He also was looking for a loved one and when he heard about Paris he couldn’t resist. She thanked the trio and left to get ready. Not knowing that Henry bribed Phillip into falling in love with her.

Here is our animation :-

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